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Vacuuming the Couch

Upholstery Cleaning

For both home & corporate - at your service

As certified cleaning experts, we can tell you that not every couch is the same. At ABANA, we always assess the needs and challenges before commencing work to ensure your upholstery is handled in the safest and most efficient manner. 

Did you know?

Mattresses and sofa couches are so filthy is because of gravity, when all of those airborne particles of dust and debris float around in the air, they need somewhere to settle. Your mattress and sofa couches is one place for that stuff to go.


Humans naturally produce 26 gallons of sweat in bed every year. This moisture combined with the heat of a sleeping body provides an "ideal fungal culture medium" out of your mattresses and sofas.

dust mites


dead skin cells

Dead Skin

dirt and bacteria

 Dirt and



mould spores


food particles


We Clean All Types of Upholstery Surfaces

Abana Management Singapore - Sofa Extraction

 Sofa Extraction 

Abana Management Singapore - Mattress Deep Cleaning

 Mattress Deep-Cleaning

Abana Management Singapore - Sofa Deep Cleaning

 Sofa Deep-Cleaning 

 Couch Deep-Cleaning

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Vacumming the Mattress
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Steam Cleaning

Steaming of your upholsteries to kill germs and any unwanted guests, so as to ensure a sanitised work area.


Pre-Spraying is important to allow our solutions to work its magic by encapsulating dirt and particles built up within your fabric.


Agitate your fabrics using a soft rotary brush will allow the solution to travel deeper into the fabric fiber, allowing for a more thorough deep clean.


Extracting the dirt and filth out of your fabrics for good. Say goodbye to bacteria and potential allergens.

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