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Chemical Disinfection

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Anti-microbial Coating For Carpets

You deserve the best. At ABANA, we offer our anti-microbial coating for your office space and carpets as well. This ensures that your premise is protected at all times. Anti-microbial properties have self-disinfecting capabilities and will stay onto your surfaces for longer periods of time. Enquire with us today to find out more!

When was the last time your carpet was cleaned?

Let our team of IICRC-trained specialists deal with your dirty carpets so you won't have to! Give your carpets a new lease on life and have them looking and feeling brand new again.

Our process is sure to eliminate pathogens, allergens, bacteria spores and debris from your carpets, ensuring a clean home & work environment for a greater peace of mind. Contact ABANA today for a hassle-free quote for your carpet needs.

Abana Management Singapore - Carpet deep cleaning
Carpet Vacuum

A New Beginning, A Fresh Start

Why Us
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Area Preparation

A thorough vacuuming is done to pick up dirt and debris to prepare the area.


Applying a layer of cleaning agent to pre-treat the carpet while softening stubborn stains and allowing goodness to re-enter your carpet.


Using a rotary scrubber, we agitate the carpet fibres and crystallise stubborn dirt stuck within carpet fibres.


Carpet Extraction is done last to achieve the best results for your carpet.

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Cleaning Equipments

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