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Marble Floor

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Marble Polishing & Restoration

Made up of calcium carbonate, Marble is extremely highly sensitive to acid. Prolonged exposure of common household items such as citruses, vinegar, acidic cleaning agent and coffee on your marble table top or flooring may result in an etched surface. Simply put, the acid has ‘eaten’ its way into your marble surface, leaving behind a mark that affects the gloss and shine of your marble surface.

Other issues contributing to the wear and tear of your marble may include:

  1. Poor maintenance resulting in built-up soil, grime and dirt

  2. The wrong use of cleaning agent during cleaning

  3. High foot traffic 

  4. Impact wounds causing your marble to crack

Your marble will require special care and attention to maintain its elegant aesthetics and prolong its shelf-life. Marble polishing is recommended every so often to ensure your marble is looking new again.

Marble Floor
floor polishing


At Abana Management, we believe in giving you the best advice based on our experience and know-hows. Our team of experts in stone care will guide you throughout the entire process and achieve service excellence.

We will begin with understanding what your key issues are and how we can address them. A site evaluation, if needed, will be arranged to offer you our expertise and the options available for you. Abana Management’s stone care solutions and highly experienced stone specialists will ensure your marble is restored and achieve exceptional results.

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