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Chemical Disinfection

Disinfection Services

The Leading Disinfection Service in Singapore

Abana Management - your #1 NEA Approved Disinfection Cleaning Company in Singapore since 2012.  We provide top quality sanitisation service to all types of workplaces and homes

We Disinfect All Types of Workplaces & Homes

Abana Management Singapore - Residential Disinfection


Abana Management Singapore - Warehouse Disinfection


Abana Management Singapore - F&B and Retail Malls Disinfection

F&B and Retail Malls

Abana Management Singapore - Dormitory Disinfection


Abana Management Singapore - Office Space Disinfection

Office Space

Abana Management Singapore - Industrial Building Disinfection

Industrial Building

Notable projects include large scale commercial disinfection services for over 10,000 sqm building in single day, temples, warehouses, offices, hotels, prominent retailer and chain F&B outlets

Spraying Chemical on Stairs
Abana Management Singapore Disinfection Service.png

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Why Us
Why Choose Us?
Experienced Providers

We are NEA Compliant and an approved vendor under NEA's disinfection specialist panel!

Customised Schedules

24/7 Customer Support and activation to meet your every need.

Advanced Products

Industrial Grade Equipment & NEA recommended quality solutions to support disinfection service.

Extra Hygiene Care
  • Eliminates germs and bacteria completely

  • Reduces the chances of sickness

  • Helps to get rid of irritations, allergens, and infections

Cleaning Equipments
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